Chocolate History

The obromo Cacao, "Food of Gods" The "chocolate tree" originated in
South America's Amazon basin. With its roots in the tropical rainforest, the
cocoa tree has been part of human culture for 2000 years.

The official name of the cocoa tree is the obroma cacao. "The obroma" is Latin for
"food of the gods".

Cocoa before Columbus the Aztec and Mayans of Central America cultivated cocoa trees long
before the arrival of European explorers. These Mesoamerican Indians were the
first to create a drink from crushed cocoa beans mixed with water and
flavorings such as chili peppers, vanilla, and other spices. It was a special
beverage reserved for Mayan rulers and special ceremonies. Cocoa Beans as
Currency The Mayans used cocoa beans as currency. According to a 16th century
Spanish chronicle, a rabbit was worth 10 cocoa beans and a mule cost 50 beans.
The Worldwide Connection The invading Spaniards learned about cocoa from the
Aztec Indians in the 1500s and brought this fascinating "new" food
back to Europe. In Spain, chocolate was a drink served only to royalty. They
drank it hot, flavored with sugar and honey.Chocolate slowly spread across the royal
courts of Europe, and by the 17th century it was an Expensive luxury reserved
for the upper class, Benchmarks

* 1819 first commercial eating chocolate,  Switzerland.

* 1828 world's first chocolate candy, Holland.

* 1828 Cacaos powder invented.

* 1875 Swiss introduce milk chocolate,

* 1909 Mass production of chocolate,

* 1969 Man walks on the moon,

* 1979 Souchet Chocolate factory was founded by three of the region's leading visionaries in the realm of chocolate

Souchet chocolates ranks among Lebanon's Finest gourmet chocolate manufacturers With
out reach to the Middle East and the world.


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