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Our story goes back to 1979, when three leading visionaries
shared a passion and set their hearts and minds on perfecting an art that took
3000 years in the making. With such a great task, fueled by their passion and
desire for excellence,Mohammad Kalaaji created the first recipe setting a standard of continuous

perfection. Khalil Kawtharani, may he rest in peace, now succeeded by his son Ahmad, formed and
shaped the chocolates into a variety of distinctive savory designs. Hassan
Dandan was entrusted to lead and manage the company with an eye for distinction
and growth, and thus, Souchet was born. More than 30 years later, Souchet today ranks among the
region's finest chocolate manufacturers and prides itself to have shared this
passion among the millions who have savored their chocolates in Lebanon and the
world. Souchet is distinctively the only chocolate manufacturer in
the region that imports cocoa beans via a rigorous selection of the finest
ingredients. This is followed by a patient roast to perfection, and through a
meticulous time-tested process, transforms them into a rich smooth irresistible
blend. The journey however, doesn't end here. This blend is then carefully
shaped and formed, delicately packaged, and every piece's journey culminates
with the first bite, titillating the senses with its rich aroma and satisfying
flavor.Like a prized heirloom, the Souchet art of chocolate making
has been passed to the next generation, with a longstanding promise to maintain
the passion in creating each piece with the highest standards. And whether the
taste of our chocolate makes you smile, dance, or dream, our wish is that you,
like us, will do it with passion!

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